Printing documents

Printing with gedit requires that you have connected and configured your printer. If you have not done this, please consult the printing help for GNOME.

gedit allows you to print both to a file and to paper.

Printing To Paper

You can print your documents to paper using a local or remote printer. To print a file:

  1. Select File ▸ Print ▸ General.

  2. Select the desired printer from the list of printers available.

  3. You can preview the file using Print Preview and once you are satisfied with the settings, click Print to send the file to printer.

Additionally, from Page Setup tab: you can choose Layout and Paper options. As these settings are available throughout GNOME programs, please consult Layout and Paper options help.

Printing To File

You can also use gedit to print to a file. To print your document to file of a different format:

  1. Select File ▸ Print ▸ Print to File.

  2. Printing is enabled for the following file formats, you may select from:

    • Portable Document Format (.pdf)

    • PostScript (.ps)

    • Scalable Vector Graphic (.svg)

  3. To print the document to file, click Print.